The American Council Of Frame and Alignment Specialists' Technician Training Clinic on heavy-duty chassis alignment will be held Oct. 6-7 in Illinois
. The event, being hosted by Mutual Wheel Company, will take place at the Stoney Creek Inn, Moline, Ill., as well as Mutual Wheel's Milan facility for the hands-on portion.

The clinic will provide training on the inspection and adjustment of frame gauges; the chassis frame; tandem alignment equipment; chassis tandems; front-end alignment gauging equipment; steering gears, setting pressures and poppet valves; and front-end suspension components.

In addition, the training will cover the set-up and correction of axle camber and caster on the vehicle as well as off the vehicle. It will also cover proper wheel end inspection and maintenance, inspection for collision or damage by the road, and resetting of ABS-6 Road Control Enhancement Computer feature. The event will also provide technicians with a test prior to and after completing the training program.

The clinic will start out on Oct. 6 with classroom discussions at the hotel to introduce technicians to the topics and give instructors an idea of any special needs. The technicians will then be transported from the hotel to Mutual Wheels Shop, and divided into groups that will go to stations for hands-on training on various topics.

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