The Diesel Technology Forum will hold a clean diesel power showcase on Tuesday, Sept. 29, in Washington, D.C.
The purpose of the event is to not only showcase clean diesel technology, but to discuss the issues surrounding diesel power technology.

The event will feature displays of diesel-powered vehicles as well as equipment for a variety of industry sectors and functions. A policy briefing will also take place, featuring a keynote address and roundtable discussion.

The showcase will gather industry leaders, senior government officials, members of the media and user group representatives. The event will also provide evidence of diesel's contributions to the economy and society, and the role it will play in our energy and environmental strategy for the future, the Diesel Technology Forum says.

"A new generation of clean diesel technology is already in place that uses a combination of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel; advanced, fuel-efficient diesel engines; and highly effective emissions control devices," the organization said. "Diesel's unsurpassed energy efficiency enhances America's energy security by reducing our reliance on oil imports as more clean diesel vehicles are added to the fleet."

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