H.O. Wolding has selected Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics to implement a sleep apnea program
, designed to identify drivers with a high probability of sleep apnea and provide treatment. Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics will screen drivers for sleep apnea using risk factors.

"The safety and health of H.O.Wolding drivers is of utmost importance to us," said Terry Littleton, safety director of H.O. Wolding. Founded in 1934, H.O. Wolding operates more than 300 trucks nationwide.

"PPD will use its expanding network of accredited sleep centers to service the needs of H.O. Wolding Inc. and its drivers," said Dr. Mark Berger. "PPD has the only operational network of sleep centers specially trained to serve the commercial driver population."

According to research conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2007, sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, present higher risks of crashes.

More info: www.ppdsleep.com