Despite the state of the economy, fleets are still focused on the environment, according to a recent study by PHH Arval.

All fleet managers that were surveyed said they had been asked about the environmental impact of the fleet, an indicator that interest in green issues remain strong. In addition, 21 percent of respondents said the economy had actually accelerated their fleet environmental goals, while only 9 percent said it had slowed.

The survey also included questions gauging fleets' perceptions of green vehicles. When given the statement "Fuel efficient vehicles are less safe," 82 percent disagreed. Fifty-six percent of respondents disagreed with the statement, "Fuel efficient vehicles are less attractive to our drivers and executives."

However, cost seemed to be an obstacle to implementing green initiative and reducing fleet emissions, with 44 percent saying it was an issue. Fifty-four percent put cost as the top challenge in greening their fleets. About 24 percent indicated that there has been cost savings associated with reducing emissions.

"We are encouraged to see progress in the greening of the corporate fleet, even in the current economic environment," said Karen Healey, PHH Arval director in charge of the company's environmental initiatives. "Our survey shows there is still much room for improvement."

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