The Technology & Maintenance Council of American Trucking Associations will host its 2009 Fall Meeting and TMCSuperTech2009 Sept. 14-17 at the Raleigh Convention Center
in Raleigh, N.C.

The meeting theme, "High Performance Maintenance Strategies," will be incorporated through technical sessions on new fuels, propulsion technologies and how to assess and reduce vehicle down time with failure analysis.

The event will consist of three full technical sessions, including "A Comprehensive Review of Clean Vehicle Technologies" and "California Regulatory Tsunami: How New California Rules Will Impact Fleets Nationwide," which will cover the latest in environmental regulations in the state. The third session, "Fleet Challenges Regarding Access to Repair Information," will address problems related to getting repair information, the Right-to-Repair Act and what one TMC Study Group is doing to help remedy the problem.

Study Group technical sessions include:
* Electrical Technician Training Skills
* Prevention Tips for the Industry's Top 10 Tire and Wheel Issues
* Diesel Exhaust Fluid for 2010 Engines
* The Numbers Behind the Failure - Knowing When Parts Will Fail
* Wheel End Maintenance and Failure Analysis Strategies
* Making Your Trailers More Fuel Efficient -CARB Compliance and Beyond
* New Developments in Onboard Vehicle Diagnostics
* Specialty Vehicles and Failure Analysis - What Fails and Why

The annual meeting will also include the usual Fleet Operator's Forum, Fleet Talk and Shop Talk sessions, which will give maintenance and equipment professionals the opportunity to seek redress to equipment problems and exchange information related to those issues.

More than 100 Task Forces will continue work on Recommended Practices. TMC's new Service Provider Committee will meet formally for the first time to discuss improving efficiencies and communication between service providers and fleets. TMC's Corrosion Control Committee and Future Truck Committee will also convene.

In addition to TMCSuperTech2009, TMC's Professional Technician Development Committee is holding a Technician Training Fair on Monday, Sept. 14, and again on Wednesday, Sept. 16. The hands-on training sessions are designed for technicians, shop supervisors and fleet managers. Other TMC meeting attendees are also welcome to attend the training.

The training qualifies for National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation continuing education credits. The sessions will be repeated to maximize training opportunities.

Training sessions include:
* Basic HVAC Principles
* Basic Electronics
* Proper Tool Usage and Repair Orders
* 2010 SCR Update
* Proper Electronics and Wiring Repair
* Enhanced Safety Systems

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