Schneider National employees and their dependents now have access to a medical consultation service called Best Doctors.
Best Doctors steps in when employees are unsure about a medical diagnosis or treatment from their regular doctor.

The Best Doctors physicians evaluate cases by looking at medical records, full history and tests from a particular patient. Best Doctors then provides the patient with a full report on their findings and suggest next steps.

"It's natural to feel trepidation when faced with a difficult diagnosis or when choosing among several treatment options," said Angela Fish, director of benefits at Schneider National. "Best Doctors offers our associates peace of mind, and provides them help in navigating complex healthcare decisions."

According to the federal government's National Ambulatory Care Medical Survey, more than 150 million doctor visits resulted in less than 10 minutes of face-to-face contact. The survey also found that as many as one in five U.S. patients are given treatment with an incorrect diagnosis.

A Best Doctors analysis of its clinical cases found that treatments were wrong 61 percent of the time and misinterpretation of pathology or diagnostic tests came up in 12 percent of the cases.

"In this time of reform in health care, we know that one thing is a constant: that when you or a loved one are sick, it can be very hard to figure out the right thing to do," said Evan Falchuk, president of Best Doctors.