Delaware has introduced the PrePass system at a new site on Route 301 near Middletown.
PrePass technology allows qualified carriers to comply electronically with state-established weight, safety and credential requirements and bypass these facilities at highway speed.

"We are delighted to welcome Delaware to the PrePass system," said Richard Landis, president and CEO of Help, the public-private partnership that offers PrePass. "By using PrePass, Delaware truck inspectors will be able to focus on those carriers most likely to be deficient in their compliance with safety regulations."

Since its inception in 1995, PrePass has electronically processed more than 345 million weigh station events, saving carriers in excess of 138 million gallons of fuel. The system is fully interoperable with the E-ZPass electronic toll system, which is used throughout the Northeast.

Nearly 425,000 commercial vehicles have registered to enroll in PrePass nationwide. In addition to Delaware, PrePass and E-ZPass are housed in 31 states.

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