Country singer Leland Martin will raise funds for the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association's Truckers for Troops program, using proceeds from the sale of his latest CD.
The Truckers for Troops program sends care packages to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Martin, a longtime member of the OOIDA, decided to record the CD with the intention of
raising funds for the program. "Truckers for Troops," as the CD's called, includes 12
original songs by Martin, written with patriotic and trucking themes.

From June 19 through June 30, Martin will be performing on the Petro Truck Stop tour, with stops throughout the Southwest. The CD will be on sale at his performances on the tour, as well as on Martin's website.

OOIDA recently completed its 2008-2009 care package shipping series and will strike up a new campaign in December 2009. That campaign will ship packages in early 2010.

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