Heliox EV charging system.

The Heliox 60 charging system is designed for low-profile installations. 

Photo: Heliox

Heliox, a Siemens business and supplier of DC charging systems for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, has launched its new Heliox 60 charger.

The 60kW EV charger is certified (UL2202, CSA C22.2, Energy Star) and made specifically for the North American market.

Building on the success of its previously released 50 kW charger, the Buy-American compliant Heliox 60 represents an enhanced iteration of cost-effective, low-power DC charging, according to the company.

The solution satisfies the majority of DC charging use cases today, Heliox said. 

A Compact and Power-Dense Charging Solution

The Heliox 60 delivers 150 A output. This is capable of delivering full 60 kW for both traditional 400-volt and modern 800-volt vehicles, according to the company.

Heliox designed the system to be one of the most compact and power-dense chargers available. The system features a single CCS-1 (SAE J1772) output. Heliox has plans to incorporate NACS (SAE J3400) and multi-output configurations into the system. Additionally, the unit allows for a 30 kW version within the same cabinet design.

Heliox EV mobile charging system.

Heliox's new 60kW charging system is complemented by a range of accessories including a floor-mounted pedestal, cable management solutions, and a mobile cart configuration.

Photo: Heliox

“Since first ramping up the US team, the Heliox 60 was destined to be a staple in our product portfolio,” said David Aspinwall, president, U.S., Heliox. “There are many exciting collaborations and pilots focused on high-power and megawatt charging systems (MCS), but application-appropriate power and high-value chargers are paramount in the present state of the EV industry.”

Designed with scalability and convenience in mind, the Heliox 60's form factor allows for low-profile installations. Heliox said the system is complemented by a range of accessories including a floor-mounted pedestal, cable management solutions, and a mobile cart configuration similar to the 50 kW predecessor.

The new chargers also feature an LCD display and high-visibility LED energy status bars.

Siemens’ Distribution and Service

As part of Siemens’ acquisition of Heliox announced earlier this year, the Heliox 60 will also be available through select Siemens distributors in addition to Sourcewell and partnerships with leading vehicle OEMs and developers. Ongoing interoperability testing guarantees seamless operation with the newest medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Additionally, all Heliox chargers leverage Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for cloud-based monitoring and control.

Now a Siemens business, Heliox complements Siemens’ existing eMobility charging portfolio, adding products and solutions ranging from 30kW to 1MW for depots and en-route charging, with a focus on DC fast charging for eBus and eTruck fleets.

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