ERegs allows access to the FMCSRs via desktop computer or mobile app. - Photo: TruckSafe

ERegs allows access to the FMCSRs via desktop computer or mobile app.

Photo: TruckSafe

Two veteran transportation attorneys and consultants have launched eRegs, a fully digital way for motor carriers to access, annotate, distribute to their drivers, and better navigate the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. 

It’s the brainchild of transportation attorneys Brandon Wiseman and Jerad Childress, who have nearly 20 years of combined experience working with some of the nation’s largest motor carriers on USDOT legal and compliance issues.

Building off the educational content and courses offered through their consulting company Trucksafe, Wiseman and Childress said they want to revolutionize the way trucking companies and their drivers interact with and internalize the FMCSRs. 

ERegs Means Access to Trucking Regulations That Are Always Up to Date

“For too long, carriers and drivers have purchased and relied on physical copies of the regulations, which do little to help them and their drivers actually understand the complexities of the regulatory text,” said co-founder Wiseman, who has been an HDT guest author and frequent podcast guest on HDT Talks Trucking.

“With eRegs, carriers have an always up-to-date version of the regulations at their fingertips on any of their devices, which they can annotate with highlights, bookmarks, and notes.

“More importantly, they have access to all of the educational content we’ve developed through Trucksafe to help them better understand regulatory nuances, right from the eRegs web or mobile app.” 

ERegs integrates directly with the electronic Code of Federal Regulations, ensuring fleets have access to the latest version of the regulatory text. User annotations and Trucksafe educational content is synced across devices and accessible via the web and the eRegs mobile app.

No More Bulky FMCSR Regulation Books

ERegs offers fleets a fully digital alternative to the process of distributing physical regulation books to drivers, said co-founder Childress.

“Many carriers are paying thousands of dollars each year to source and distribute physical regulatory pocketbooks to their drivers,” he said. “It’s no secret those books are quickly outdated and often end up in the trash.”

With eRegs, he said, fleets can easily add drivers to their accounts for a nominal one-time fee. From there, drivers can access the always up-to-date regulatory text from their mobile devices. Carriers receive digital receipts to prove they’ve distributed the regulations across their fleet.

“Depending on the size of their fleet, carriers stand to save thousands of dollars each year by transitioning away from physical books and to eRegs,” Childress said. 

To learn more about eRegs and how it helps regulated motor carriers, visit

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