RXO's AI-based check-in system has been depployed at its facility in Texas.  -  Photo: RXO

RXO's AI-based check-in system has been depployed at its facility in Texas.

Photo: RXO

RXO launched a new artificial intelligence-powered check-in system for trucks arriving at warehouses and distribution centers. The visual AI technology, which is deployed at RXO’s cross-border facility, identifies trucks via video and extracts image and video data to streamline the check-in and security process.

“RXO’s visual AI technology is already producing positive results at our Laredo, Texas, facility, including reduced wait times at the gate,” said Yoav Amiel, chief information officer at RXO. “This advanced technology speeds up the process for carriers and helps shippers save time and money.”

Visual AI Automates Appointment-Matching With Trucks

The visual AI technology automates the process of recording trailer numbers and matching appointments when a truck arrives on site. These tasks were previously handled manually, with facility employees documenting truck information and directing carriers to warehouse docks or yard locations. RXO said this led to truck backups at the gate during the check-in process due to high traffic, manual documentation and typing errors.

The new check-in system is integrated with RXO’s Yard Management System to automate appointment matching.

To record trailer numbers, the visual AI uses machine learning computer vision and text recognition to process data from a video feed at the gatehouse and extract the data almost instantly. The system then notifies facility staff that a truck has arrived and provides all relevant information. The automation of the check-in process has reduced carrier wait time and improved data accuracy.

RXO will implement this system at its other facilities with high truck volumes. The company also plans to offer the system as a standalone service to other companies with high-traffic locations.

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