Fleet vehicles, trailers, construction equipment and mobile workers account for about 3.6 million GPS and wireless devices used in the U.S., according to a study by C.J. Driscoll & Associates.
This number is expected to increase to more than 6.5 million units by 2012.

According to the study, the market for mobile resource management has decreased in 2009 due to the economic conditions, but the market for local fleet tracking is expanding. Fleets are discovering the advantages of GPS and wireless solutions in the poor economy, including increased fleet productivity and less operating costs.

The 2009 Mobile Resource Management Systems Market Study was directed by Clement J. Driscoll, founder and president of the company. Research included conducting over 100 interviews with executives of mobile resource management suppliers and wireless network operators.

In the second half of 2009, C.J. Driscoll will conduct a study examining consumer interest in location-based services, telematics and navigation systems.

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