REDFORD, Mich. - Detroit Diesel's turbo compounding technology for its DD15 engine was recently named the top Technical Achievement in 2008 by the Truck Writers of North America (TWNA).
The award was presented to Detroit Diesel at the Technology & Maintenance Council meeting in Orlando, Fla., and highlighted at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky.

"The committee was impressed by the DD15's use of turbo compounding, which captures typically wasted energy and converts it into productive power, improving fuel economy and performance," said James Menzies, committee chairman for TWNA. "With diesel prices reaching unprecedented heights in 2008, we felt it was a technological advancement worthy of the award."

Turbo compounding employs a second exhaust turbine downstream of the standard turbocharger. In addition to providing a more efficient source of exhaust back-pressure for the engine's exhaust gas recirculation system, the secondary turbine's output is hyrdodynamically coupled to the engine's drive gears.

"To be recognized by an organization such as TWNA, which studies the significance and value of the newest industry innovations, is an incredible honor," said David Siler, director of marketing for Detroit Diesel. "Detroit Diesel always strives to develop and offer our customers the most advanced and economical technologies available today."

Founded in 1988, TWNA is a professional organization whose membership includes writers, editors, public relations specialists, marketing professionals and others involved in the business of creating or producing information related to trucking. A committee of editor-members selects the annual award winner.

TWNA presented its first Technical Achievement Award in 1991 to Grote Industries, and Grote has since sponsored the trophy. To be eligible, a product or service has to clearly exhibit technical innovation, have a wide applicability in the trucking industry, offer significant benefits and be widely available. For more information, go to and