Netradyne has combined fleet management and safety telematics into one dashboard with Driver-i One. - Source: Netradyne

Netradyne has combined fleet management and safety telematics into one dashboard with Driver-i One.

Source: Netradyne

Netradyne, a SaaS provider of artificial intelligence and edge computing solutions focused on safety and driver coaching for commercial fleets, has launched its Driver-i One safety telematics system, making the company a full telematics solution and ELD provider. The company announced Driver-i One recently during the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exposition in Austin, Texas.

“Although safety is one of the most important elements of a successful fleet, it's definitely not the only thing on their mind. And the current setup of multiple devices and dashboards adds unnecessary complexity to an already very complex job,” said Barrett Young, Netradyne chief marketing officer. “This is one device, one dashboard view, one billing subscription, to consolidate all fleet management.”

Young said Netradyne provides 99% accuracy in a system that rewards positive driving and prioritizes areas that need improvement so fleets know where to focus coaching efforts. Netradyne also captures important information like vehicle location, activity, and diagnostics.

“Driver-i One brings us a fundamentally different video-based safety solution with leading compliance and fleet management tools to streamline vendors and reduce in-cab technology with a system that is miles ahead of anyone else on the market when it comes to clarity and accuracy. This means that fleets will not have to sacrifice safety for operational efficiency,” Young added.

He said Driver-i One launched across all Netradyne products except the D410 safety system.

“This is not us reaching parity now being able to offer an all-in-one solution. This is us leapfrogging, or setting the bar higher to what a telematics solution should actually be doing for their customers in terms of power and simplicity, and less in-cab technology,” said Young.

Fleets using Driver-i One will only have one device to install, thereby streamlining in-cab devices and only having to support one data source instead of multiple. Plus, he adds, this puts all critical information together in one view across the entire fleet operations and those fleets will only have to deal with one vendor.

Netradyne said Driver-i One will be pulling in Geotab applications for fleet management and marrying them together with the fleet and driver safety applications.

“I want to be super clear, this is not Geotab fleet management. We're leveraging Geotab API's and embedding key elements into the Netradyne safety platform,” Young said.

By combining Netradyne’s approach to driver-centric AI-powered safety with fleet management and compliance using Geotab’s proven analytics platform and user interface, Netradyne has achieved a seamless, single-pane-of-glass user experience that rivals the safety telematics solutions available today.

“Being an industry leader in fleet safety is of the utmost importance across our entire company,” said Stephenie Barnes, director of fleet operations at G & J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers. “Putting safety first while enhancing fleet management with better operational efficiency and fuel maintenance, we can not only improve our bottom line but can continue to do our part in keeping our drivers and all drivers on the roads safe.”

Barrett Young, chief marketing officer for Netradyne, announces Driver-i One. - Photo: Wayne Parham

Barrett Young, chief marketing officer for Netradyne, announces Driver-i One.

Photo: Wayne Parham


Netradyne said its Driver-i AI-powered fleet camera system is paving the way for the future of safe mobility with automated, AI-powered coaching, risk identification, and exoneration. Driver•i cameras can help safety managers identify, reinforce, and reward great driving behavior as well as assess key risks like distracted driving behavior and performance trends.

Fleet Tracking

Driver-i One offers fleet tracking capabilities for enhanced visibility and optimization across fleets with visibility into trips and activity. Near real-time GPS tracking allows customers to select areas on the map to create zones that trigger notifications when a vehicle enters and leaves the location that can then be shared with third parties like customers or vendors. An advanced rules engine can be leveraged to manage and automate workflows. Routing reports gleaned from fleet tracking can be used to coach drivers to be more efficient and trip history reviews can provide insight into distance traveled, idling time, and stop duration within the past six months.

Fleet Management

Netradyne’s integrated fleet safety and management solution combines its Driver-i intelligent dashcam and video telematics platform fleet management features to help increase productivity and reduce costs. Driver-i’s near real-time collection of vehicle data allows for fuel usage tracking, identifying, and addressing maintenance issues before they impact performance, and improved route optimization, among other benefits.


Powered by Driver-i One and supported by Geotab’s compliance features, fleets can avoid violations and fines, reduce paperwork while increasing accuracy, ease drivers’ ability to manage hours of service and driver vehicle inspection reports, and streamline International Fuel Tax Agreement mandates with simple mileage report generation, according to Netradyne. The Driver-i device is Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration certified, so there’s no need for separate ELD hardware in the cab.

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