Beginning in 2024, Thermo King will make telematics hardware and a subscription standard on several product lines. - Photo: Thermo King

Beginning in 2024, Thermo King will make telematics hardware and a subscription standard on several product lines.

Photo: Thermo King

Thermo King announced that telematics hardware bundled with a two-year TracKing telematics service subscription will be standard on Thermo King APU, trailer, and large truck products beginning Jan. 1, 2024.

“Providing data with actionable insights for fleet operators is a vital component to moving the industry forward and enhancing the customer experience,” said Chris Tanaka, vice president of product management for Thermo King Americas. “To make this easier for customers, we are putting the data they need at their fingertips — automatically — with qualifying new unit purchases.”

Thermo King said it has been integrating TracKing telematics hardware into its Precedent trailer units since 2018 and its T-90 large truck series of units since 2020.

In addition, the third generation TriPac APU introduced earlier this year became the first APU to offer telematics as an option.

Tanaka further explained, “Our decision to make the service standard is an investment aligned with our sustainability commitments and our pledge to help customers meet their company goals and regulatory requirements.”

Thermo King said benefits of TracKing telematics include:

  • Real-time asset connectivity – Visibility into the reefer monitoring system such as the temperature set-point, fuel levels, load condition including actual load temperature, and both past and present asset location is available 24/7.
  • Maximum uptime – Service reminders and alerts help minimize vehicle downtime, prevent unplanned asset breakdowns, enhance maintenance practices, and improve fleet utilization to balance fleet workload.
  • Access to innovative dashboards – Summaries of information offer insights into overall fleet performance and readiness scores. This technology turns data into practical intelligence by delivering information that matters most to fleets to improve operations.
  • Data sharing capabilities – TracKing telematics can be integrated into third party websites and/or backend systems to meet the needs of all customers.

Compliance and security

Temperature compliance, according to the company, is proven with reports and graphs that log temperatures of sensitive cargo throughout every point in its journey. Asset security is confirmed with door sensor data that records all door openings, allowing temperature and security management.

Cargo traceability monitors shipment location and condition so delays can be managed proactively, reported Thermo King, adding that there are also geofencing capabilities with notifications that can also be set.

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