A Mexican bakery company took delivery of the first medium-duty hybrid truck in Mexico in a ceremony.

Samuel M. Means III, Paccar Mexico general manager, handed the keys of the Kenworth T270 hybrid truck to Jose Luis Rodriguez, Grupo Bimbo vehicles director. Means highlighted this event as a memorable moment for transport and logistics in Mexico and a precedent in the country's history. "This unit that we have here will be remembered as the first medium-duty hybrid truck for pickup and delivery goods in Mexico," he said. "Today we have started to write history."

In addition to top executives from both companies, representatives from the federal and local government were also present at the event at the Transport Museum in Mexico City.

The Kenworth T270 diesel-electric hybrid truck reduces fuel consumption by 30 percent, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent and carbon monoxide by 90 percent. The hybrid is equipped with a Paccar PX-6 engine. It also has an Eaton diesel-electric hybrid power system that integrates an electric engine with 60 horsepower, enough to start moving the unit without using the diesel engine. Furthermore, it assists the diesel engine when more torque and power is required by the unit for acceleration. The engine works with a 340-volt battery that recharges every time the unit brakes to reduce speed.

This unit is part of the delivery fleet within the Mexico City metropolitan area, one of Mexico's most polluted areas.

Bimbo is a Mexican bakery company in the market for 64 years.