In an industry changing faster than ever before, it can be intimidating to keep looking forward, to wade into the changes and find how your fleet can benefit. What if you bet on the wrong technology? What if your ideas don’t work?

Yes, innovation means taking risks. But those who keep doing what has worked in the past risk being left behind.

For inspiration, we present six forward-looking trucking fleet executives as HDT Truck Fleet Innovators for 2023.

These awards honor their leadership and dedication to exploring innovation in areas such as zero-emissions transportation, use of data and telematics, customer service, driver retention, safety leadership, and finding new ways to improve efficiency and customer service.

HDT’s Truck Fleet Innovators may be honored for a specific innovation or for fostering an overall culture of innovative thinking. They are willing to share their insights and inspiration with others in the industry. An Innovator may be a top executive, or it can be someone in charge of a specific department, area, or initiative.

Each year, we go through industry nominations, as well as our own notes on innovative people we’ve met or read about during the year, and interview likely candidates before narrowing it down to our final honorees.

Read More About the 2023 HDT Truck Fleet Innovators:

  • James Adams, CEO and Founder, Revolution Trucking, Wadsworth, Ohio
  • Brad Bayne, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Duncan and Son Lines/4 Gen Logistics, Buckeye, Arizona
  • Brent Hickman, Senior Manager of Equipment Maintenance and Sales, Pilot Company, Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Garth Pitzel, Associate VP, Safety and Driver Development, Bison Transport, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Thurman Register, Senior Fleet Manager, Ferguson Enterprises, Newport News, Virginia
  • Andrew Winkler, General Manager, Chief Carriers, Grand Island, Nebraska

HDT’s 2023 Truck Fleet Innovators will accept their awards and participate in a panel discussion during Heavy Duty Trucking Exchange in Scottsdale, Arizona, Sept. 6-8. Fleet managers can apply to attend the event at www.heavydutytruckingexchange.com.

A Message From Sponsor East Manufacturing: First in Innovation

Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization. This is true of all of HDT’s 2023 Truck Fleet Innovators. These Innovators pay attention to the needs of the markets they serve — the needs of their customers — and stretch their thinking to meet or exceed those needs. The innovation is in the details, which allows them to actively seek new opportunities and invest in their companies, their processes and procedures, and above all, their people.

It is not easy to manage in these times of economic change and swiftly advancing technology in addition to a shifting workforce. Innovative business leaders, like these Truck Fleet Innovators, focus on their vision — where they want their businesses to go.

These innovators have more than a record or history of driving innovation; they have a commitment to it. They are bold, disruptive and look at things differently, which enables them to know how to make changes to achieve their goals.

We are proud to sponsor some of the industry’s most innovative, successful leaders — HDT’s 2023 Truck Fleet Innovators.

At East, we have built our reputation on listening to our customers’ needs and designing better trailers to meet those needs year after year. We’re building our business by helping you build yours.

— Chris Cooler, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, East Manufacturing

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