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HDT Truck Fleet Innovators

HDT Talks Trucking Podcast, Season Three, Now Live

Season three of the HDT Talks Trucking podcast is now available, featuring topics such as fuel economy technologies, improving driver retention, and conversations with HDT's 2020 Truck Fleet Innovators.

Sitting Down with HDT's 2020 Truck Fleet Innovators

We all know someone who is never satisfied with the way things are — who’s always tinkering, always pushing the envelope, always looking for ways to do things better, like our 2020 Truck Fleet Innovators.

HDT Announces 2020 Truck Fleet Innovators

Heavy Duty Trucking has honored six executives as HDT Truck Fleet Innovators for 2020. The annual awards recognize fleet executives for their leadership role in fostering innovation in their companies and the industry.

HDT in Search of Innovative Fleet Executives to Honor

Heavy Duty Trucking's editors are once again looking for the industry's most innovative leaders. Whether it's in fuel economy, sustainability, technology, equipment specs, maintenance practices, recruiting and retaining drivers, or other areas, we want to find the fleet executives who are leading the industry with innovative solutions.

2019 Fleet Innovators: Trucking's Best and Brightest Leaders

The seven 2019 Truck Fleet Innovators are forward-thinkers who lead by example, overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities. They are recognized for accomplishments in areas ranging from being on the cutting edge of vehicle design to switching up driver pay programs.