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Q. What is the next advancement in trailer ATIS?

A. As the commercial trailer industry’s understanding of tire pressure issues has evolved, so have tire pressure control solutions. The first generation of trailer automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS) are designed to address persistent issues with underinflation to decrease the potential for blowouts and help improve fuel economy. A second generation of ATIS was developed as the industry acknowledged that issues from over-inflation are also detrimental to tire life. This tire pressure control system helps maintain an optimal tire contact patch for loaded trailer conditions by addressing underinflated, overinflated and mismatched tire pressure issues.

The latest evolution in tire pressure control aims to account for an often overlooked but critical factor in tire performance: variable payload. Many fleets run the better part of their routes partially loaded or empty while tire pressures are set for the maximum expected load. Running light loads with high tire pressures can lead to persistently overinflated tires and cause accelerated edge wear.

TIREMAAX PRO-LB helps correct the tire contact patch by using air spring pressure to determine trailer load and adjust tire pressures accordingly. Controlling tire pressures based on actual load, as recommended by tire manufacturer guidelines, helps fleets combat against tire wear for prolonged tire life. With its ability to control both over and underinflated tire conditions along with load-based adjustments, PRO-LB empowers fleets to increase tire life, fuel economy, and uptime.

Hendrickson - TIREMAAX, TIREMAAX PRO-LB, TIREMAAX PRO TIREMAAX CP Tire Pressure Control System (hendrickson-intl.com)

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Answered by : Omar Fernandez

Marketing Director, Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems


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