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Q. What is the single most important benefit of any wheel-end system?

A. Some say uptime and reduced maintenance. Others say superior performance and value. Hendrickson believes safety is the most important consideration of any wheel-end system, and it is the company’s investment in safety that lays the foundation for all other benefits of Hendrickson Extended Life (HXL) wheel-end packages.

At Hendrickson, safety is not lip service; it is a way of business. It is engrained in people and processes throughout the organization – from the daily operations of shop floor associates to the overall vision of the CEO.

Safety First

The company views safety as an investment in people, not just processes. As such, it empowers workers to make safety the priority by implementing employee-led teams who are responsible for safety initiatives and continuous improvement. The organization proactively manages effective safety and health protocols through a combination of federal, state, and self-regulated guidelines.

Because our employees are introduced to a culture where safety is paramount – and rewarded – they intuitively understand the importance of assembling a wheel-end with accuracy. In fact, few associates are chosen to build wheel-ends. Only certified wheel-end technicians are qualified to install Hendrickson’s HXL components. Technicians undergo rigorous, detailed instruction to become certified and are audited at various intervals to renew their certification. Unlike typical assembly line operations, each technician is responsible for custom building an entire wheel end from start to finish, which not only reduces the number of outside variables that could lead to error, but also requires the technician to take ownership of his or her work.

Quality Control

Hendrickson invests heavily in manufacturing technology that enhances repeatability and traceability – key factors for quality control in manufacturing operations. It recognizes that quality contributes to precision within the assembly process, and precision is the key to reliability, which is exactly what a customer gets when they specify any of Hendrickson’s RTR packages – from HXL3®, which features a 3-year warranty to HXL7®, Hendrickson’s premium 7-year wheel-end system.

Slacks, chambers, hubs, drums, seals, bearings, spindle nuts, hubcaps – lots of components means lots of opportunity for investment in error-proofing and traceability (EP&T) methods. Hendrickson employs technologies like automation and bar coding to create traceability, repeatability, and efficiency throughout the assembly of any Ready-To-Roll package.

For instance, every custom bill of material that specifies a wheel-end package features a set of “rules” that control the sequence and flow of components during assembly. Bar coding stations guide the associate through consecutive steps to ensure the correct combination of components are selected and assembled in the correct order.

One of the most crucial components of a safe and reliable wheel-end is lubricant. Proper hub lubrication levels are crucial for reducing heat and friction, which can compromise critical wheel end component life. Hendrickson’s automated lubrication system ensures this critical process is performed. Depending on the spec, the intelligent system inserts the correct lube type and volume into the hub before the unit is permitted to move to the next assembly station.

PRECISION-designed, PRECISION-assembled

Hendrickson adheres to tighter tolerances than industry-standard regarding operations used to mount bearings and threading operations that hold the wheel nuts in place. one of the key features of all HXL wheel-end products – the PRECISION spindle nut system. This patented spindle nut design, in combination with fine-tuned torque equipment, allows Hendrickson to precisely pre-set bearings in a slight pre-load condition – a key to long-lasting, reliable wheel-end operation.

Several other automated stations ensure various fasteners and bolts are tightened accurately to support enhanced safety and performance.


While Hendrickson’s EP&T processes assure that HXL wheel-ends are constructed safely, precisely, and accurately, the physical assembly of the parts is not the only aspect that ensures reliability and peace of mind for RTR customers.

Prominently known for axle and suspension technology, Hendrickson is also the leading supplier of OEM drum brakes in the North American trailer market and has offered a suite of wheel-end and brake products since 1997. The company’s tenured applications engineering and service teams stockpile knowledge in all things wheel-ends and brakes. From understanding the demands of certain operating environments to experience with the fundamentals of newer technologies like air disc, Hendrickson ability to educate customers makes it a reliable and trustworthy partner.

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Expert Bio

Answered by : Omar Fernandez

Marketing Director, Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems


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