Collective Data, which provides fleet information and maintenance management software systems, announced a year-over-year growth of 27 percent for 2008.

The Iowa-based company contributes the record growth to the software systems ability to help clients identify and effectively manage expense and revenue centers in their fleet operation.

"Fleet operations tend to be major cost centers," said Sean Taylor, sales manager at Collective Data. "From fuel to parts, having the right assets in the right place all play a huge role in allowing a fleet to survive and flourish in the current climate."

"The old axiom 'you can't manage what you aren't measuring' has never been more relevant; tight budgets leave little room for waste," commented Scotta Jones, director of quality assurance. "Our application facilitates a remedy for that age-old problem by giving fleet managers the ability to collect the data necessary to make well-informed decisions that provide a positive impact on the budget."

The company also grew in staff as well. Four new team members joined Collective Data to fill roles in application development, sales, support and training. The additions will help the company keep up with an increasing client base and to continue to adapt their software to changing needs of the industry.