YRC Worldwide has announced a partnership with Women in Trucking to address the real and perceived barriers that exist in the transportation industry, particularly for women.

"YRC Worldwide is proud to work collaboratively with Women in Trucking," said Jim Kissinger, YRC Worldwide executive vice president of Human Resources. "By doing so, we're better able to explore and address the industry-wide misconceptions that have historically discouraged women from considering transportation as a career. As the LTL industry leader, we're genuinely committed to fostering a more diverse workforce."

The partnership includes:
* additional memberships for 25 female YRC Worldwide drivers to Women in Trucking;
* joint development and administration of a national survey of women truck drivers on workplace issues such as driver training, safety, job satisfaction and other issues
* Discussion with the travel center industry about the possibility of developing a scoring system for truckstops around the country detailing cleanliness, safety, and other relevant issues raised by the survey
* expansion of current recruiting programs to encourage the interest and hiring of women across a variety of positions, including dock workers and drivers
* Improved training benchmarks and programs designed to improve hiring and the work environment for women
* development of information addressing safety issues for female truck drivers. Pamphlets will be available for use throughout the trucking industry, including truckstops and distribution to YRC Worldwide female drivers.
* outreach to major truckstops on interstate highways to encourage a more female-friendly environment, specifically improvements in cleanliness, safety, and bathroom/shower facilities
* a continuing spotlight on the achievements of YRC Worldwide female drivers.

In addition to the partnership with Women in Trucking, YRC Worldwide intends to continue and improve support for minorities and veterans as well.

"We are pleased to be a part of the YRC Worldwide initiatives to create a more driver-friendly environment for both men and women in the trucking industry, especially the issues that have been identified as priorities for women," said Ellen Voie, President and CEO of Women in Trucking, Inc. "These include safety and security, convenience and amenities, but more importantly, these initiatives will help women find opportunities and success in a currently male-dominated industry."