We are in the midst of an economic storm, one that will shape the trucking industry for decades to come. How you respond will lay the foundation for your success, or failure, in the new era.
Navigating the Storm, a three-part Webinar, will help you plot the right course with a thorough examination of key economizing and rebuilding strategies.

The first session (April 16, 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. ET) in this timely series will cover the ins and outs of "Pricing Under Costs vs. Parking Trucks," two critical responses to the decline in tonnage and efforts by shippers to reduce rates. Leading industry experts will share their insights into:
• The factors to consider when reducing rates
• The importance of differentiating direct, indirect, and overhead costs
• How to cut unprofitable freight without endangering the profits from profitable freight
• Whether and how to redistribute overhead when there is reduced freight and fewer trucks
• The impact on laid-off driver/independent contractor retention when the tonnage returns

Speakers include:
• Russell Stubbs, vice president and COO, FFE Transportation Services
• Ken Manning, president, Transportation Costing Group
• Lana Batts, managing partner, Transport Capital Partners

The Rest of the Series . . .
• "The Legal and Ethical Aspects of Downsizing," - April 30, 2009
• "Building Back after a Recession-Will You Be Ready?" - May 21, 2009.