Drivewyze and Bestpass are streamlining onboarding and support for fleets adopting weigh station...

Drivewyze and Bestpass are streamlining onboarding and support for fleets adopting weigh station bypass and toll management services. 

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Drivewyze and Bestpass announced a new partnership to address fleet and driver pain points with tolling, including collaborating on a toll trip report that provides highly accurate GPS-based toll event data.

The toll trip report will use the Drivewyze platform’s edge processing, a technology used to create areas with more detailed GPS cookie data, to collect accurate toll road entry and exit events that fleets can use as a source of data when investigating violations, over-charging, and fraud incidents. With Bestpass’s toll data collection, this toll trip report will give fleets visibility and control to detect inaccurate tolling costs.

Fleets can deliver fleet-controlled toll road notifications to drivers using any toll road in North America with Safety+. Bestpass reduces the number of violations fleets receive by about 80%, while cutting down the amount of time fleets spend investigating violations, according to a news release.

Drivewyze offers PreClear weigh station bypass services at about 840 sites in 45 states and provinces. In addition, it offers Drivewyze Safety+, a proactive in-cab safety alerts and driver-coaching service, which includes features allowing fleets to create in-cab toll road notifications. Bestpass works with about 50 tolling authorities across the U.S. providing a comprehensive payment platform with a focus on nationwide toll management for commercial fleets with solutions for major toll roads.

“Fleets deserve more control and a better experience,” said Brian Heath, CEO of Drivewyze in the statement. “We are excited to improve upon the transponder-only foundation of toll management with these features. Toll payment will still utilize transponders, but our collaboration adds value for trucking companies that want to better control their toll costs and improve driver toll road experiences.”   

The partners are also collaborating to provide fleets with a smooth onboarding process and driver experience, whether they are Drivewyze customers adopting Bestpass services, Bestpass customers adopting Drivewyze, or new customers of both.     

“Trucking companies across our industry have been asking for innovation and cooperation in tolling and bypass," said Tom Fogarty, CEO of Bestpass, in a statement. "We are answering that demand with better alignment and coordination so fleets can adopt our products easier, minimize their onboarding times, and maximize their ROIs with our respective services.”

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