ACOFAS, the American Council of Frame and Alignment Specialists, announced its 2009 Technician Training Clinic schedule and course content.

The first clinic for this year will be held in Winston-Salem, N.C., June 8-9. ArvinMeritor instructors will provide instruction on class 5, 6 and 7 truck and bus hydraulic brake systems Monday morning, and in the afternoon they will cover hydraulic brake ABS diagnostics and maintenance.

On Tuesday the 9th, instructors from Noregon Systems will discuss and demonstrate the computer diagnostics needed for maintaining the trucks of today. The computer diagnostics will involve the chassis, engine, and transmission computers as well as the emissions, road control, crash avoidance, and ABS computer systems.

ACOFAS has maintained the cost for the training programs to $150 for ACOFAS members, $200 for members of SSA, HDDA, CVSN and NTHECC. Non-members may register for these classes for $300. The attendees will be staying at the Wingate Inn at 125 South Main Street in Winston-Salem.

At the annual business meeting in conjunction with Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week in February, many enhancements to the organization were discussed and are now being implemented. A Test Committee was formed that will develop tests to be given to technicians prior and after training clinics. The technicians will be awarded a Certificate of Completion after successfully completing the test.

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