Jacobs Vehicle Systems is marking the sale of its 4 millionth Jacobs Engine Brake this month.
Since the Connecticut-based manufacturer pioneered engine retarding technology in 1961, the Jacobs Engine Brake has become an integral part of truck engines worldwide.

What began as an idea of inventor Clessie Cummins has evolved from an aftermarket option into an essential technology for diesel engines. Getting involved early in the engine design cycle has allowed Jacobs to make continuous improvements in retarding performance and engine interface reliability.

"Engine braking technology has evolved over the last 48 years from an add-on for large diesel truck engines to a device now fitted to all sizes of commercial vehicle diesels bringing more control and financial benefits to truck owners around the globe", said Bob Perkins, Vice President of Marketing at Jacobs Vehicle Systems.

The Jacobs Engine Brake, manufactured in Connecticut since the company began, has seen dramatic growth since recording its first millionth brake sold in 1992. By expanding into global markets, Jacobs has gained market penetration with applications now in Asia, Europe and South America.