Frederick W. Smith, chairman and CEO of FedEx, will lead a line-up of high-ranking industry, government and academic leaders addressing "The Global Green Initiative: Transportation in Transformation" in Memphis next month.

The event will be held at The University of Memphis' FedEx Institute of Technology, April 20-22. The challenges and opportunities facing freight and passenger transporters, in view of world energy, infrastructure and technology issues, will be the theme of the three-day conference and technology exhibit. The event is organized by the non profit Foundation for Global Mobility and sponsored by a number of public and private entities.

After a public policy update from Washington hitting on the bright spots for government investment and incentives, the conference agenda will yield a report card on the state of the transportation industry and its implementation of green technologies to improve supply chain effectiveness. This is especially critical in view of the current global economic crisis.

On the manufacturer-retailer (transport user) side, sessions will look at new strategies product sourcing, transport vendor relations, green compliance enterprise software tools and revolutionary packaging innovation. Relating the transport provider viewpoint, the conference will focus upon the continuing revolution in hybrid vehicle usage, including natural gas and electrification; the latest trends in alternative fuel sources, costs and distribution methods; and the implementation of technical innovation and new services designed to improve modal efficiency and competitiveness.

Addressing public sector issues, there will be discussion of the pros and cons of real world models of public-private green implementation, including the impact of new regulatory standards on port terminal operations and import/export business and how communities and MPO's are implementing "Intelligent Transportation Technology" to reduce congestion, curb emissions and improve transit efficiency for both people and product movers.

The conference will conclude with a prognostication from the financial sector on those who will survive and thrive in the post economic downturn, as well as capstone session for delegates on how best to evaluate and implement the appropriate "green strategies" for their firms.

A key feature of the conference will be the chance to view state-of-the-art hardware (new hybrid transport vehicles, etc.) and software "green solutions" in the Technology Showcase and outdoor "Green Technology By-Way."

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