WABCO Holdings Inc. announced that its WABCO University training center recently graduated its 35,000th participant
More than 13,500 customers from 32 countries completed training at WABCO University during 2008, an increase of 23 percent compared with the previous year. In total, WABCO University conducted more than 1,100 training sessions in 2008, an increase of 10 percent.
Building on WABCO's track record as a provider of professional training solutions for the commercial vehicle industry since the early 1970s, WABCO University was launched in 2006 as a center of excellence to support the diverse qualification needs of customers worldwide across a number of platforms. WABCO University offers technical training, business training, consulting services and e-learning in seven languages, including German, Chinese and Russian. Participants can attend sessions at one of WABCO's 14 training centers worldwide or at a location of the customer's choice while e-learning is offered online.
Also in 2008, WABCO University further expanded its e-learning program by adding two new courses and three language versions, now serving more than 1,100 registered online participants. Based on each customer's needs, WABCO University's e-learning portfolio tailors a range of subjects such as latest technologies, WABCO products and the company's in-depth knowledge of the commercial vehicle industry.
"As a technology leader and highly qualified provider of professional training services in the commercial vehicle industry, we are passionate about helping customers enhance their productivity and improve their business results," said Nick Rens, WABCO vice president, Aftermarket and Trailer Systems. "By training their staff on a continual basis, our customers significantly increase the value of their people and the return on investment in their vehicles. In our fast changing, global industry, WABCO University enables customers to gain expertise and knowledge that are essential for sustaining competitiveness and continued business success"
Further information, access to the online courses search tool, E-learning demo programs and online registration are available at www.wabco-university.com