The 2009 Aftermarket eForum virtual conference is tentatively scheduled for September, and will be conducted completely via the Internet.

"We decided to present the eForum online because we strongly feel that business technology and e-commerce are more important topics now than ever before," said Scott Luckett, chairman, eForum Planning Committee. "The current financial and business climate demands that companies employ information technology for reduced costs and greater productivity. By 'going virtual' with the conference, we've made it possible for a greater number of people to participate. We've also saved each participant a couple thousand dollars in travel, hotel and meal expenses."

The Virtual Aftermarket eForum will include many of the same elements that have characterized the face-to-face version of the event, including general sessions with keynote presenters and panel discussions; breakout sessions and audience interaction; vendor exhibits; and peer-to-peer networking.

"More people are able to attend a virtual event because the financial and geographic constraints are removed," Luckett said. "Presenters can conduct real-time polls and surveys and content can be recorded for playback at a later time."

Vendor exhibitors will continue to be an important part of the Aftermarket eForum. A virtual booth show will allow eForum exhibitors to keep their booths open for weeks instead of a few hours. In addition, visitors to the online exhibits can download presentations, video clips, brochures and handouts into their virtual event bag. Exhibitors will receive detailed information about the people who visited their virtual booth and what they were interested in. At any time, attendees and exhibitors can start an online discussion or schedule a call or visit.

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