Hino will repair the error at no cost to the customer and install an additional maintenance...

Hino will repair the error at no cost to the customer and install an additional maintenance device to prevent the engine from failing.


Hino Motors has issued a recall of some Hino Ranger medium-duty trucks equipped with the “A05C (HC-SCR)” medium-duty engine following the company’s admission of misconduct concerning engine certification applications and identified engine performance problems.

Affecting some 47,000 vehicles produced from April 2017 to March 2022, the recall is a “provisional measure to restore the performance of the exhaust emissions purification catalyst.” Over time, the faulty purification catalyst deteriorates and nitrogen oxide in the exhaust emissions may exceed the regulation value.

The company will repair or replace the HC-SCR catalyst at no cost to the customer. In addition, HC-SCR catalyst regeneration work will be added to inspection and maintenance items in maintenance notes and will be carried out regularly until a permanent resolution is instituted, said Hino.

“By taking regular measures until permanent measures can be implemented, customers will be able to use their vehicle without any problems,” stated the company notice.

Hino Ranger customers will be contacted by the sales company in April.

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