Gordon Trucking of Pacific, Wash., has chosen Seattle-based company REM Medical as its provider of comprehensive sleep medicine services.

Initially, REM Medical will provide obstructive sleep apnea diagnostic and treatment services for drivers whose risk factors point to a high probability of this serious sleep disorder. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Officer of Inspector General have released statistics indicating the prevalence of driver fatigue in high cost crashes as well as the medical costs incurred as a result of these drivers having untreated OSA.

The REM Medical program is designed to improve roadway safety by improving the health of drivers through treatment and compliance management.

"REM Medical has developed a national footprint to provide medical sleepcare to transportation companies such as Gordon Trucking," said Jeff Zuhl, REM Medical's chief medical officer. "Our nationwide network ensures that almost any long-haul driver can be effectively treated and supported to ensure successful care without taking them off route."