The deployment will help prevent accidents and reward positive driver behavior.

The deployment will help prevent accidents and reward positive driver behavior.

Netradyne, an artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing company focusing on driver and fleet safety, has announced it has been selected by Savage, a global provider of industry infrastructure and supply chain services, to utilize its Driveri devices in more than 1000 of its vehicles. Driveri is a fleet safety camera platform, using vision-based edge computing and AI to reward positive driving behavior and coach those in need of improvement.

The system will generate audible in-cab and external alerts to help identify risks, such as distracted driving, drowsy drivers, and potential external hazards, thereby allowing drivers to self-correct. Further, Savage chose Netradyne as a result of its ability to track driver progress, reward positive driver behavior and help encourage those behaviors with other drivers.

"By upgrading to Netradyne cameras across our fleet, we're using technology to take safety to the next level with increased visibility, quick access to video footage, smart recognition technology, and real-time notifications of distractions for our drivers. The new cameras also integrate with our fleet management system so we can easily coach drivers based on what we're seeing and reward safe driving behaviors," Savage VP of Risk Management Michelle Hollingsed said.

Savage accesses video footage remotely in real-time using cellular networks or Wi-Fi, which eliminates the need for a physical card or older footage being overwritten. It began installing the cameras in its medium- and heavy-duty trucks in late 2020 and has already begun to see positive results from its use.

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