With the addition of the UltraLoft sleeper, Peterbilt's Model 567 now offers a more spacious,...

With the addition of the UltraLoft sleeper, Peterbilt's Model 567 now offers a more spacious, integral sleeper option.

Photo: Peterbilt

Peterbilt's UltraLoft integrated sleeper is now available for the Model 567. 

The Model 567 can be spec’d for virtually any application, from vocational to on-highway and regional haul configurations. With the addition of the UltraLoft sleeper, it now has a more spacious, integral sleeper option for fleets.

By optimizing the space available, the UltraLoft sleeper includes 8 feet of headroom and 70 cubic feet of overall storage. The UltraLoft also gives drivers large upper and lower bunk mattresses, more headroom in both bunks, and creature comforts of home, with space to accommodate a large microwave and enough room to fit a 32-inch flat screen TV.

In addition new interior updates to the Model 567 are highlighted by the 15-inch digital display with a fully customizable user interface that delivers easy-to read information and allows drivers to fine-tune the display information to suit individual preferences. Additional driver comforts include more cabin storage, two permanent cup holders, and options for 12V or USB charging ports.

The Model 567 is available with the latest advanced driver assistance systems fully integrated into the digital display, including lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control with auto resume, speed sign recognition, side objection detection, safety direct integration, multi-lane emergency braking and highway departure detection.

Peterbilt originally introduced its Ultraloft option on the Model 579 in 2018.

Peterbilt Offers UltraLoft Sleeper on Model 567

Photo: Peterbilt

From the HDT Archives: Peterbilt Unveils Model 579 UltraLoft

Peterbilt introduced its new Model 579 UltraLoft, an integrated high-loft sleeper truck designed to give driver teams and solo truck drivers extra space and amenities, with a fuel efficiency boost as well.



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