WEX Launches CrossRoads Freight Card for Mixed Fleets

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WEX released a new fuel card offering for mixed fleets, the CrossRoads Freight card. The new product will provide one-card access to truck stops and retail fueling locations to meet the needs of businesses that operate all classes of vehicles.

The card allows drivers to fuel at 16,000 truck stops and 95% of retail fueling stations nationwide — all with the security and data of a closed-loop fueling network.

WEX launched its original CrossRoads card for mixed fleets in 2018. CrossRoads was created for businesses that operate primarily light-duty vehicles and fuel at retail locations, but also need to fuel and receive discounts at truck stops.

CrossRoads Freight extends WEX’s mixed-fleet capabilities to meet the unique needs of trucking companies that also operate light-duty vehicles. In addition to providing broad access to truck stops and retail fueling locations, CrossRoads Freight offers purchasing controls, integrated reporting and billing, and fuel discounts at participating locations through the WEX Edge Savings Network.

“CrossRoads Freight provides mixed fleets unparalleled control and visibility with the combination of two best-in-class, closed-loop fueling networks on a single card,” said Erin Knight, vice president of global fleet product and innovation at WEX. “Our customers help shape our product development roadmap and CrossRoads Freight is no different. In addition to extensive market and customer research, we collaborated with a major logistics company to refine the product offering and are excited to bring this powerful new all-vehicle fueling solution to our customers.”

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