FourKites Introduces Multimodal PO Tracking

Image: Four Kites

FourKites recently introduced multimodal purchase order tracking for all freight, giving shippers, carriers and receivers the ability to track shipments using their associated PO numbers.

The new tracking option simplifies freight visibility for everyone that manages the exchange and transportation of goods primarily via PO numbers. POs include comprehensive product details, such as name, quantity, price and SKU. The FourKites PO tracking system provides everyone a common view of exactly where a PO is in its lifecycle.

FourKites developed the new system with retailer Meijer, which has since implemented the system across its procurement/materials management, transportation and merchandising teams.

“Visibility has been hugely valuable for us, and as a large retailer and shipper, adding PO lifecycle visibility means we can now identify critical orders faster, eliminate inefficiencies and make better decisions on lead times,” said Paul Thompson, inbound logistics director for Meijer.

Digitizing the procurement process can unlock as much as 3-10% in annual cost savings, according to the company.

“As we’ve said many times, real-time freight visibility is just the beginning when it comes to better and more efficient supply chain management,” said FourKites Chief Product Officer Priya Rajagopalan. “For so many departments within our customers, the PO is the primary vehicle by which they manage the exchange of goods with their own customers and partners.”

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