FourKites Dynamic Yard Improves Visibility

Image: FourKites

FourKites has introduced Dynamic Yard, a new software that gives companies visibility all of their facilities based on real-time, in-transit, and in-yard freight data and analytics. The new software can reduce detention costs and optimize operations, according to the company.

Dynamic Yard integrates yard, dock, and gate control products acquired from TrackX with the FourKites’ supply chain visibility platform, giving companies the ability to proactively manage all yard operations, from appointment and dock scheduling, to gate operations and spotter tasking. The new software can also anticipate bottlenecks based on predictive ETAs and includes features and capabilities such as:

  • Hardware-agnostic: Integrates with a variety of systems, including ERP/TMS, WMS, ELD, GPS and telematics.
  • Highly scalable to support a wide range of facilities, from the smallest up to multiple enterprise locations.
  • Multi-site visibility via a single, centralized control panel.
  • Deep integration with FourKites carrier products to ensure continuous communication and optimization with carrier partners.

“The latest testament to the power of our customer-driven innovation, Dynamic Yard extends the power of real-time freight visibility into new territory for the first time,” said FourKites Chief Product Officer Priya Rajagopalan.

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