Puradyn Filter Technologies, Boynton Beach, Fla., has received initial orders for 176 systems from a major heavy-duty truck leasing and rental company.
A retrofit program began in mid-September and is projected to outfit over 400 trucks before the end of 2009. This will turn into an ongoing program committed to outfitting new trucks as they are added to the fleet.

"The trucking industry has been slow to grasp these new concepts and, with the exception of a few progressive fleets, is a market we have not aggressively pursued in the past," says Kevin G. Kroger, president of Puradyn. "The industry as a whole did not view bypass filtration as a necessity until escalating engine oil costs captured their attention. Trucking fleets are now being forced to look at innovative solutions such as bypass filtration to offset continuing high costs."

Once all 400 plus units are installed on existing equipment, the company estimates it will be shipping anywhere from 1,600 to 2,000 replacement filters each year.

This leasing and rental company provides financing and a "rent to own" program for new owner operators starting in the trucking industry. In addition, it provides rental trucks for many small businesses with limited cash flow, but needing to expand their operations to meet demand.

"This order represents a commitment to discover new ways to help owner operators and companies cope with the ever increasing cost of truck and fleet operations," says Wayne Clifton, director of sales for Puradyn. "This company is being pro-active in utilizing methods to help significantly reduce the impact of skyrocketing engine lubricating oil costs."

More info: www.puradyn.com