WheelTime member locations are now subscribing to Tractor-Trailer.net from Mitchell 1, which provides instant access to the latest detailed procedural information, color photos, diagnostics and wiring diagrams.

With Tractor-Trailer.net, WheelTime technicians can properly diagnose and repair virtually any make or model of vehicle they encounter.

In addition to authorized service for Detroit Diesel and Mercedes-Benz engines and Allison transmissions, WheelTime members offer service for other brands and component categories as well.

"The goal of our member locations is to fix the vehicle right the first time," notes Jill Schmidt, director of business implementation for WheelTime. "They understand that units brought in for service are needed back on the road as quickly as possible, and having Tractor-Trailer.net helps them get the vehicle in and out in a timely manner."

More info: www.wheeltime.com