The Truckload Carriers Association is offering "Liability Courtroom Trends - Managing Risks From An Employment Law Perspective," an audio conference that will be held on July 31 from 12 - 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

The conference will help company executives, CFOs, general counsels, HR/personnel managers, safety directors, division directors/terminal managers, and recruiters get up-to-date on the evolving legal landscape and give information on steps that can be taken to minimize or avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages or legal fees.

Answers will be given to questions such as:

When is an employee legally "disabled" and what are the company's obligations to attempt a reasonable accommodation?

Do DOT regulations always translate into safe qualification standards for employers to use in hiring and promotion decisions?

What are the company's obligations under the recent amendments to the FMLA?

Is your company properly coordinating overlapping workers' compensation, FMLA and ADA leave policies?

Which employees may be exempt from overtime under federal wage hour law and are they also automatically exempt under applicable state law?

How do federal and state wage and hour laws combine to apply to your employees?

Are you fulfilling your company's obligations under federal immigration laws and how do recent state law enactments change the landscape?

What should you do to protect the company if supervisors or management believe that the company may employ individuals who are illegal aliens?

What is protected concerted activity under the NLRA and how can such activities impact your business whether or not you have a union?

What are some practical steps your company can implement to help manage employment law risks?

The speaker for this conference will be Eddie Wayland, partner, King and Ballow.

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