Flying J has added eight dealership locations and a fuel stop with commercial diesel lanes to its fuel network.

These "dealerships" are independent petroleum locations offering Flying J diesel products and pricing. The locations are:

• Velley Oil, Downey, Idaho, offering fast food deli and five truck parking spaces.

• Flying J Fuel Stop, Hermosa, S.D., with hot and cold deli, game room, two showers, and commercial lanes.

• Eagles Landing Truckstop, Beaver, Utah, with Mr. Grumpy's Restaurant and Piccadilly Pizza, six showers, 150 truck parking spaces, game room, laundry facilities, diesel repair service, free wireless internet, a tire shop and a motel on site.

• Calgary Road King, Calgary, Alberta, with Shifter's Restaurant, game, room, nine private showers, scales, parking for 90 trucks, a general store with the fuel desk and a Tim Horton's C-Store.

• Cactus Corner Truck Stop, Hanna, Alberta; dining options include the Cactus Café along with freshly made hot and cold sandwiches at the deli; two private showers, 150 truck parking spaces, truck scales.

• Flying J, Grasslands, Alberta, with fast food deli, two private showers and parking for 75 trucks. The location also has plans to include a restaurant in the near future.

• West Edmonton Truckland, West Edmonton, Alberta, with game room, a hot and cold deli, eight private showers, 100 truck parking spaces, scales and a service bay offering a truck wash with a tire and lube shop. A new restaurant is also under construction.

• Gateway Travel Center, Kamloops, British Columbia, with 100 truck parking spaces, four private showers, eight diesel lanes, restaurant and a c-store.

• Shell Metabetchouan, Metabetchouan, Quebec, with four commercial lanes and a hot and cold deli.