Pressure Systems International, manufacturer of the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI with ThermAlert technology, has chosen Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. to receive its inaugural ThermAlert Athena Award.

This award will be given each year to the company who does the most to increase the use of ThermAlert, which senses excessive wheel-end heat build up and warns the vehicle operator before the excessive heat results in wheel loss, wheel-end failures, and possibly dangerous and costly trailer fires.

The award was named "Athena" after the mythical Greek goddess who was considered a champion of protection, craftsmanship, logic and wisdom.

"Utility is now offering their customers ThermAlert at no additional cost when MTIS is installed. PSI appreciates that Utility recognizes the benefit of this technology in preventing heat related damage initiating in the wheel end," explained Tim Musgrave president/CEO for PSI. "We believe fleets that have this capability on their trailers will reduce overall costs by preventing out-of-service incidents caused by wheel end heat build up."