Titan Trailers' R&D operation, Quality Control and Final Finish has moved into a new 37,000 square foot facility that will also accommodate all scheduling, accounting and training facilities.

The "green building" is equipped with see-through energy-efficient overhead doors with southern exposure let in the most light possible. Light sensors are strategically positioned to monitor the overall brightness inside. The sensors activate and deactivate the low energy lights to maintain a consistent level of brightness indoors. The lights shut down from sunrise continuing throughout the day, and begin to turn back on in the late afternoon. The south facing transparent doors assist the heating process. On sunny winter days, the floor heating system will not turn on because the radiant heat from the doors will warm the shop about 2º warmer than the thermostat setting. The objective was to create an environmentally friendly building that was designed to increase overall productivity.

Another feature is the in-floor heating system which was chosen for employee comfort and efficiency. The system delivers heat at the floor level and is up to 30% more efficient than conventional systems. This in-floor heating system maintains even heat with very little temperature differences between the floor and the ceiling.

The new building has 20 bays and three loading docks. Two of the bays are dedicated to R&D. Each bay is fully equipped as a 'self sufficient unit'. Each bay has its own welding equipment as well as pneumatic tool set ups.

Titan's original facility will continue to house its head office, primary manufacturing and production engineering departments.