Menlo Worldwide Logistics is demonstrating its commitment to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay Transport Partnership by increasing its use of SmartWay-approved carriers.

Since pledging its commitment to SmartWay six months ago, Menlo, the global logistics subsidiary of Con-way, has increased spending with carriers that are also supporting and promoting greater energy efficiency by using practices and equipment recommended through the EPA program.

Menlo's SmartWay campaign consists of a series of steps aimed at educating and promoting green initiatives among its contract carriers, including:
• making SmartWay compliance a preferred factor when considering new carriers
• encouraging existing carriers to join SmartWay during Menlo's annual carrier review process
• considering moving over-the-road truckload shipments to an intermodal service
• reducing paper consumption in carrier communications by encouraging electronic exchanges
• implementing a "no-idling" policy at Menlo distribution centers

Menlo's earlier implementation of Lean philosophies, which focus on eliminating waste, wherever it exists, complements its support of SmartWay program principles. By the time Menlo committed to SmartWay, Lean initiatives had already led the company to begin implementing technologies such as energy-efficient and motion-triggered lighting as facilities are upgraded.

"Menlo spends nearly $1 billion on transportation with contract carriers each year," said Gary Kowalski, chief operating officer, Menlo Worldwide Logistics. "Now, with more than 80 percent of that transportation spend going to SmartWay-approved carriers, we are supporting environmental stewardship throughout the transportation industry."