Refrigerated carrier Prime Inc. said it will outfit its entire fleet of Class 8 trucks and trailers with Right Weight scales.
With more than 3,500 Right Weigh scales already in use at Prime, the carrier
said it will continue to retrofit its existing tractors and trailers. All new trailers now come equipped with Right Weigh scales installed at the factory.
"We have been working with Prime for almost two years now, but we waited on making a public announcement until we could demonstrate that a fleet of this size could truly benefit from our scales," said Scott McCulloch, director of communications and business development for Right Weigh.
Prime is currently using Right Weigh's exterior mounted scale model 310-54 to monitor its trailer weights, and the interior dash model 510-46 for its tractors.
Right Weigh's onboard load scales provide actual on-the-ground weight measurement instead of a standard suspension PSI value. With an accuracy of 250 pounds or better, they offer the same weight information as their digital counterparts, but without the significant expense.
Simple to install, calibrate and use, Right Weigh's scales available for most air suspension tractor and trailer brands and axle configurations, with complete tractor/trailer systems available for under $200. For more information, call (888) 818-2058 or visit