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7 Myths About Being a Freight Broker

Freight brokers hold an essential position in the U.S. transportation industry. They are indispensable middlemen who help cargo get shipped. But when it comes to the freight broker profession, the myths you can hear can be quite wild — and far from reality.

Q&A: Transplace's Thomas on 3PLs and Technology

Transplace says it's the largest transportation management provider in the country. HDT's Deborah Lockridge interviewed Jeff Thomas, senior vice president of capacity services for the 3PL, about relationships between carriers, shippers, and brokers, and how technology is changing that dynamic.

Third-Party Logistics Saw Banner Results in 2018

2018 will go down as an outstanding year for third-party logistics in the U.S., driven by growth in the economy and an extraordinary inventory build as shippers imported products to beat import tariffs.