DAT New Offerings Help Navigate Uncertainty of Freight Market

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DAT Solutions has launched three new products to help truckload carriers and brokers further manage some of the uncertainty in the freight business in the current COVID-19 environment: Ratecast, Market Conditions Index, and Book Now.

The three new resources will expand DAT’s planning and forecasting proposition, helping their customers anticipate and plan for future changes, in addition to making more informed business decisions, according to the company.

“These unprecedented and difficult times are challenging all of us in new ways and, here at DAT, we feel that helping our customers forecast and plan during this highly volatile market is how we can best support them,” said DAT CEO and President Claude Pumilia.

  • Ratecast: A forecasting tool that provides shippers, brokers and carriers with real-time rate forecasting and predictions that range from one day to one year in the future.
  • Market Conditions Index (MCI): MCI provides an indicator of future changes in van, refrigerated and flatbed freight supply and demand, for more accurate planning. The graphic representation of geographical markets shows past, present and future market conditions, generated by actual inbound and outbound freight transactions, load board post and search behavior, short and long terms trends.
  • Book Now: This one-touch booking feature allows carriers to lock in a rate on their mobile or desktop device instantly. Brokers now have the option to designate Book Now loads on DAT, helping streamline the negotiation and load booking process and decreasing the amount of time spent on the overall transaction.

Ratecast and MCI are part of DAT’s new iQ brand, home to DAT’s truckload pricing and market analysis services. Visit dat.com/covid19 for regular updates on the freight market and DAT’s most recent freight forecasts.

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