January 2019

Cover Story

How Trucking Will Find Tomorrow's Technicians

Fleets and industry groups are changing tactics to find the people they need to maintain and repair their trucks.


8 Trends to Watch in Trucking in 2019

While we won't see Mercedes' Urbanetic concept vehicle in 2019, we will see advances in...

Reporting on the trucking industry was eventful in 2018, and it looks to get even more exciting in 2019. HDT Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge shares her predictions for where we're going with drivers, regulations, technology and more.


Get A Grip on Fleet Insurance Costs

The high cost of insurance is largely the responsibility of the insured — that means looking at...

Figuring out how to lower fleet insurance costs is not rocket science. What it takes is critical and analytical thinking to identify what’s driving up costs and what actions will help bring them under control.


The Allure of the High-Tech Shop

Augmented reality could become a training and even a diagnostic tool in the shop.

Technology is rapidly changing the industry, and media coverage of cool future-looking trends such as electric and autonomous trucks can only help improve the image of trucking among young people looking for a career.