Oil Purification Systems (OPS), which developed the OPS-1 on-board oil refining system, has announced a strategic partnership with Cascade Sierra Solutions (CSS), headquartered in Coburg, Ore. CSS, through its technology showcase centers,
will provide OPS-1 production information, sales and financing support to customers operating in the I-5 Corridor in Washington, Oregon and California.
"The CSS concept is a great example of how public and private enterprise can work together, making clean technologies available and affordable to the owner-operator and small fleet customer," said Mitch Weseley, OPS president and CEO.
According to Sharon Banks, CEO of CSS, "The showcase centers not only provide an outlet to highlight new energy reducing technologies, but also provide a one-stop shop by breaking down the cost barrier of upgrading equipment."
CSS is currently promoting more than 40 technologies, and hopes to facilitate the upgrade of 30,000 trucks over the next 10 years. "The OPS-1 technology is significant in that it eliminates waste while saving money," Banks continued. "The OPS product highlights the benefits of taking a simple step forward in reducing demand for fossil fuel, and this is really how we can make a difference. Small steps add up to a significant change in our consumption and ultimately our carbon footprint."
The OPS-1 on-board oil refining system removes the solid and liquid contaminants from engine oil, virtually eliminating the need for routine oil changes. OPS-1 users have dramatically reduced oil consumption, cut oil maintenance costs by 80 percent, and extended equipment life. Most OPS clients pay for their investments within six months. For more information, call (866) 645-7873 or visit www.ops-1.com.