Alltel Wireless, an Arkansas-based network that provides coverage across the nation to 12 million customers, has announced the availability of TimecardGPS, an application that enables users to track an employee's location,
record shift time and capture job or work order information from LBS-enabled wireless phones.
The TimecardGPS application allows fleets to increase productivity by using their wireless device to perform a variety of important tasks, including:

• Tracking - Enables supervisors to request field workers locations, track movement and set up "smart fences" to determine employee location
• Team Clock-in and Out - Allows a supervisor to clock-in and clock-out employees as well as capture individual task information on a single wireless device
• Real-time job tracking - Sends real-time job information from field workers to employers, complete with tasks, subtasks and editable fields
• Customized reports - Supplies electronic reports with payroll, job costing and productivity information.
• Web log-in - Provides real-time access to field workers position, timesheet and job information via the Internet

"In today's fast-paced business environment, there is a need for supervisors to have rapid access to information regarding their field employees and their progress," said David Maddox, director of advanced data solutions for Alltel Wireless. "The TimecardGPS application provides a supervisor instant information on an employee's exact location and job completion data."
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