ALK Technologies says its CoPilot Live 7 GPS navigation for Windows Mobile smartphones and PocketPCs is now available. CoPilot Live 7 redefines mobile satellite navigation with its simple and intuitive menus,
new clearer 2D and 3D map views, and real-time mobile Internet navigation-based services.
CoPilot Live 7 provides mobile phones with full-featured satellite navigation, offering the same performance and ease of use as a dedicated in-dash navigation system.
Redesigned destination entry makes going to places simple, with step-by-step address entry, finger-touch buttons and predictive address matching. Frequently used features are quickly accessible including changing the map view, finding a detour and locating the nearest gas station.
CoPilot Live 7's new 2D and 3D map views enable drivers or pedestrians to see their exact location and the way ahead clearly and easily. As with all CoPilot navigation solutions, Driver Safety is the priority so by default, in Driver Safety View, a map is only shown close to a turn or junction, progressively zooming-in automatically before returning to the non-distracting safety screen once the turn is completed.
Finding the nearest restaurant or hotel is made easy with access to more than 6 million points of interest. There are over 50 categories displayed in CoPilot Live 7 both in 2D or 3D map views. Many POIs include telephone numbers, so customers can select a POI and activate a call directly from within CoPilot.
CoPilot Live 7 provides a wide variety of routing options, familiar industry standard map color themes and other settings that can be selected to suit the individual. Commercial partners are able to create unique customer experiences to compliment their brands. Live mobile data services can be specified by Mobile Operators to incorporate their preferred partners or content.
An all-new desktop content management companion, CoPilot Central, makes it easy to download and manage extra maps, POIs and other content. Software updates are automatically downloaded and installed. Powerful trip planning features helps customers to work out their trips in advance and download preplanned trips to their mobile device for real-time route guidance and navigation.
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